on your mark, get set, blog.


i love to read. ever since i was small i’ve loved to read. my grandmother is responsible for that. i remember going to her house and strategically using my allotted “one hour of television” very sparingly. there was a tall bookshelf in the living room stocked with all kinds of books that she had expected me to read. when your six years old, reading is the farthest thing from your mind, so i wasn’t necessarily  ecstatic about this bookshelf. but pretty soon i had devoured them all. and now i can’t get enough of books. there’s something really sweet about a good read that makes the real world seem so much better. reading words and thoughts and ideas that came straight from someone’s heart has always been kind of awe inspiring to me. i’ve never written anything for anyone else to read though. don’t get me wrong, i’ve written research papers and analysis essays and the annual “roses are red violets are blue” valentine’s day poem for my mom; but nothing like this. but i think this is the start of a really great adventure. this summer, i will be going to vancouver island, canada as a summer missionary. the mission board that hired me has asked me to start this blog to keep my family and friends updated on what the Father is teaching me this summer, and the ways that i can be prayed for. i’m so thankful to have such wonderful people in my corner of life, people who give so freely of themselves to me, and who are willing to sit at their computers and read the words and thoughts and ideas of my heart. so here it is, folks. get excited. thanks for walkin’ with me.

grace and peace,


p.s. thank you maw maw for the “one hour t.v.” rule, and also for all the chocolate chip cookies.


4 thoughts on “on your mark, get set, blog.

  1. Great job on your first blog. Thanks for taking me and others on this journey with you. I’m so excited for you. What an adventure!
    I’m sure angels are walking with you. Love you. Mawmaw

  2. Taylor, this is precious…just like you! I can’t wait to read your blog and hear all about your adventures sharing the words and love of our Lord. I pray for your safety and for great and wonderful things from your ministry. Oh, and for your Mom! LOL. Love you girl and so proud of you!

  3. I look forward to reading about your adventures this summer and how God is leading you during this time. I’ll be praying for you, Nona Reynolds

  4. You are so much to be proud of. Every time I read are hear of your accomplishment, I just beam with pride. You are so very special to so many people in so many ways . May God be with you on this journey and keep you safe. Love Aunt Lynn

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