knowing & being known




there are so many things in my life that i’m thankful for. going outside & feeling the sun on my face after a week of rain, or a good book, or the way that flowers are able to grow in the middle of sidewalks. but most of all, i’m thankful for people. people who carve time out of their lives to get lunch with you, people who will drive to your house at three in the morning in their pajamas just to give you some encouragement, & people who make you better simply because you are known by them. such a sweet thing, being known. this year i have been blessed with the greatest fellowship & accountability that i have ever experienced. last thursday, i sat at the kitchen table with four really great people. we sat & discussed our summer plans: our expectations, our fears, & our doubts. as the worry crept across our small table, we were each handed a piece of paper. we confessed our fears & scribbled out our supplications. we folded each piece of paper, & dropped them in a mason jar. it’s moments like that, looking around & seeing four beautiful people gathered around a small mason jar & knowing that this is what we were created for. thank you Jesus for never wanting us to live life alone & for mason jars filled with bold prayers. this summer is going to be great. 

grace & peace



p.s. thank you to callie, chelsey, sara, & anna. you are beautiful images of God’s grace & provision. you make me better. thanks for doing life with me. 




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