fill us up, send us out.


i share life with really good people & if you sit down with me for a little while, i’ll most likely tell you about them. they are funny & thoughtful & godly & encouraging & some of them cook really really well. but the thing i love most about them is that they are brave. they want God’s will for their lives more than they want anything else. we’re all going our separate ways this summer (which i didn’t like at first but now i’m totally pumped about it.) i want to tell you about these lovely people & about the amazing adventures they’ll be having this summer.

-walker, nate & nate will be serving in the United Kingdom working with children & teaching them about the gospel

-sara & megan will be in Texas staffing a kids camp called PineCove (they’re really into it, which makes me really excited for them)

-callie will be staffing a camp called Wesley Pines. i actually got to go with her to her interview & knew as soon as i stepped foot in that office that she belonged there.

-chelsey will be in california teaching summer school. she’s freaking out about getting a tuberculosis test, but we’ve promised her that it will be worth it.

-mackenzie will be in costa rica (supposedly for a semester abroad but he loves Jesus far too much to not share the good news with somebody.)

-rex will be at Mission Fuge, a camp that shows students what the mission field looks like in our everyday lives.

-ben is staying in starkville & working & learning what it looks like to be a grown up. he’s not intimidated at all, & i’m real impressed.

-jt is working in a high school. he wants to be a teacher, which i think is cool.

-anna will be in kenya. she started a bible funding program there a few years ago & is following up on it this summer.

-taylor is working at a youth camp at mc. he’s never done camp before, but we all have really high hopes for him.

-cody is also doing camp, i forgot the name, but God didn’t. so that makes me feel better.

-blake & karen are at Lake Forest Ranch, teaching high school students team work & accountability. (they don’t really say that up front. they stick you on a rock wall & let you learn that way, which i think is really interesting.)

my friends are brave. at first i was really kind of sad when i thought about being away from them for so long, but then i thought how cool it was that we are going to be on opposite sides of the world all at the same time. this is the kingdom. i’m thankful for people who are willing to go out to the ends of the earth when the world is telling them to do the exact opposite. yep, my friends are brave. go out & shake the nations, guys.

grace & peace,



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