& just like that.


& just like that. i had arrived. i stepped out of the airplane into the sunshine & on to canadian soil & thought to myself “finally.” i was excited & nervous & exhausted & everything in between. my partner Michael & i spent our first two nights in the city. we ate new foods & saw new sights & made new friends. we even went exploring & used public transportation, which was really fun. (& for those of you who have never held any type of metro card, i really really think you should try it.) on wednesday we took an insanely huge ferry to vancouver island where we were met by Ashley, April, Max, Mitchell, & Andrew. & just like that, i had a new family. we drove around the island & up a big tall mountain to a quaint house nestled in the trees. & just like that, i was home. we all went to the beach the other night to watch the super moon (which was really spectacular.) i climbed onto the rocks & stood there & as i waited i got to see the most incredible sunset i had ever seen & i just stood there on that rock & i prayed. “Father my heart aches for the people here that don’t know You. this is such a beautiful place but it’s filled with so much darkness & i am only one person.” but then i remembered one of my favorite songs & this is what it says, 

“where there is darkness, let the Light come.”

& just like that, i felt it. i felt light. the sky was consumed with color & the sun was reflecting on the water & i knew that something good was coming. i am so thankful for the opportunity to join God in what He is doing on this island. yes, there is still darkness, but Light is coming & my heart is glad. 

grace & peace,



2 thoughts on “& just like that.

  1. this makes me so happy. I love you. praying for you sweet one. excited at all the opportunities you’re going to have.

    love, renee

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