island livin

things here have been crazy busy & crazy wonderful & i would really like to tell you all about it.

Imageone sunday after church we went to a rainforest and hiked to a waterfall. we climbed through a little cave & we pretended it was our house. andrew made a “no girls allowed” rule but was gracious enough to bend the rules for me. he makes me smile.


last week i took the dogs for a walk & stumbled upon a scene of Indiana Jones. you’d be surprised at how realistic it looked considering the fact that we live on a mountain. kids do cooler things when they don’t have cable. mitchell here is proof.


went for a walk & found some of my favorite flowers on the side of the road. most of them are weeds, but i don’t really mind. it reminded me of how jesus turns things that are meant to be ugly into things that are actually really special if we take the time to look for them on the side of the road.

Imagelast week we had church on the living room floor. some would call it dysfunctional, but to me that time was really beautiful. the bible says when two or more are gathered in His name He is present, & if we gotta start somewhere, why not here…on the living room floor.


canada day was a few days ago & to celebrate i climbed a really tall mountain….in chacos….& overalls. originally we were just going for a walk & having a picnic, but when opportunity knocks you answer. i stood on the summit & looked out on the whole island. there’s nothing quite like it. if you’ve never climbed a mountain, i really think you should. maybe not in chacos though.


i’ve met some ¬†beautiful people & heard some beautiful stories & i’ve seen jesus do beautiful things through the village ministry. these are just real people with real hearts just searching for real truth. & sometimes i take that for granted, but when i really sit down & think about it for a second i realize what an opportunity i have here. these are people i have grown to love & the thought of them not knowing the greatest gift the world has ever known makes my heart ache, but i know that peace rules the day when christ rules my heart & for now, that is enough for me.

have Your way, Jesus.

grace & peace



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