where life happens



this is the table. things happen here. this is where i start my day. i sit here & i eat a bowl of yogurt & granola & blueberries. this is where we eat dinner every night. this is where max paints & where andrew hides when he’s not ready to shower yet. this is where ashley teaches us new things about the bible & where we talk about the good things that we find in each day. but something else happens here & this particular thing is my favorite thing. stories happen here. some really good stories, some really sad stories, some stories about triumph, some stories about heartbreak, some stories about life, some stories about loss & everything in between. this is where we sit with people, sometimes people i’ve never met before. but then they share their story & they invite me into this small snapshot of their life & suddenly we aren’t strangers anymore. that’s what i love about this table, something special happens here. i’ve learned so much about Jesus just by taking a seat at the table and listening to people share their story. we share stories too, like the story of The Village & how it started. i used to watch ashley tell the story, but now i watch the people across the table, who are hearing these stories for the first time. some of these people are believers, most of them aren’t. & when the story is over they always say “how does something like that just happen?” & ashley’s answer is always the same, “Jesus.” & just like that, we have an opportunity to share an even greater story, a story about a God who created the heavens & the earth & who loved us so much that he sent his son to die for us so that we could experience a relationship with the One Who has written us on the palms of His hands. stories like that are meant to be shared & i’m real thankful for small wooden tables & kind strangers who sit at these tables & share their stories with me. & i really hope we have storytelling in heaven, because i bet they’d be really good. 

grace & peace,



4 thoughts on “where life happens

  1. Taylor you are amazing. Your blog makes me smile every time I read it. I know you are making a difference in Canada. Sending you lots of hugs and blessings.

  2. This is a big chunk, a main chunk of what real living is all about…..I’m glad to know entire books are now being published about life around the table. It’s real and I’m smiling to know you are getting to enjoy and savor this all summer. And it tells a whole awful lot about the family you are doing life with right now. And it tells a whole awful lot about you, because you recognize the value of life around the table. I love you, Taylor!

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