hi, i’m taylor


hi, i’m Taylor & i like adventure &  buttons & conversation & a good cup of coffee. i’m not very old but my eyes have seen a lot. traveling is my favorite. i try my very hardest to see the world differently. i’m really thankful for the ways that the Father has shown me His kindness through things like sunflowers & sunshine. i hate capital letters & math. i’m currently learning how to sew & cook & speak a new language. i’m also learning how to teach young people, which is sometimes scary because i don’t feel old enough to do that just yet. i get to share this great big beautiful life with some of the greatest people i’ve ever known & it is a constant reminder that we were created to walk together, so thanks for walkin’ with me.

p.s. i also like stories, so if you have one i’d really like to hear it.


One thought on “hi, i’m taylor

  1. Hi Taylor- my name is Debbie Gibson and I attend Artesia Baptist Church. I wanted to let you know that we will be praying for you this summer. Drinking coffee is one of my favorite things, I have several cups a day. Seeing you like a good cup of coffee- I will think of you and say a prayer for you each time I have my coffee this summer! Not only do we share the love of coffee, but we share our distaste of math! I will pray for your travel and safety. Will look forward to keeping up with you this summer thru your blog. May God Bless you in all you do!

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